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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Incomplete List

Every semester the Center for Teaching Excellence on campus publishes a list of faculty whose student evaluation numbers rank in the upper 30% of all classes on campus for both the quality of the teaching and the quality of the class. This used to be known as "The Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent By Their Students," and it is still referred to in conversation as "The Incomplete List" even though CTE dropped the "incomplete" in 2007. English is always heavily represented, and the local custom is that the department head sends a letter to those faculty members who appear on each semester's list thanking them for their efforts and congratulating them on their classroom success. I forgot to do that this semester (d'oh!), despite the usual departmental success on the Spring 2008 list. To those of you who appear there, you will be getting a letter from me soon. But I thought I might publish your names here as well. Congratulations are overdue to the following English department teachers for their appearance on the Spring 2008 List:

Sarah Alderfer, Melissa Bailes, Iryce Baron, Rob Barrett, Michael Behrens, Hannah Bellwoar, T.J. Boynton, Bart Brinkman, Anne Brubaker, Jaime Brunton, Martin Camargo, Nancy Castro, John Claborn, Stephen Claverie, Bethany Cooper, Eleanor Courtemanche, Leslie Crowell, Carrie Dickison, Caroline Duda, Rebecca Eggenschwiler, A. Ervin, Jed Esty, Russell Evatt, D. Fratz, Lori Garner, Melissa Girard, Zia Gluhbegovic, Philip Graham, Catharine Gray, Sarah Gray, John Griswold, Jim Hansen, Gail Hapke, Marilyn Holguin, Ann Hubert, Anna Ivy, Brandon Jernigan, Amy Rowan Kaplan, David Kay, Brigit Kelly, Kimberly Koch, Susan Koshy, Mary Lindsey, Melissa Littlefield, Samantha Looker, Trish Loughran, Tania Lown-Hecht, Tara Lyons, Mike Madonick, Lara Mann, Bob Markley, John Marsh, Kristin McCann, Erin McQuiston, Ellen McWhorter, Allison Meyer, Amy Doherty Mohr, David Morris, Lori Newcomb, Michael Odom, Chaeyoon Park, Bob Parker, Tony Pollock, Paul Prior, Amity Reading, Franklin Ridgway, Austin Riede, Micah Rieker, David Roark, Jenica Roberts-Stanley, Ricky Rodriguez, Michael Rothberg, John Rubins, Julia Saville, Spencer Schaffner, Christina Scheuer, Edward Sellers, Christopher Simeone, Kathy Skwarczek, Spencer Snow, Andrea Stevens, Bradley Stiles, Jonathan Stone, Renée Trilling, Ted Underwood, Mary Unger, Joe Valente, C. Van Linthout, Michael Verderame, Jonathan Vincent, Jason Vredenburg, Terra Walston, Gregory Wilson, Daniel Wong.

I happen to like the obsolete term "Incomplete List" -- because student evaluations are only one component of evaluating teaching and because no one semester's list fully captures the overall depth of superior teaching in our department. On the whole, we are a department that works extremely hard on our teaching and that does an extraordinarily good job of it. I believe that classroom teaching is the very heart of what we do here, and that our faculty embody the idea that intense, focused research and committed teaching should, can, and do inform one another.

Congrats to all.

Late edit: I've now added people in the English Department who appeared on the Spring 08 Incomplete List and who were teaching under Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, and Business and Technical Writing rubrics. So now my own list is (ahem) a bit less incomplete!

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