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Monday, August 31, 2009

Incomplete List, Spring 2009

Yesterday, the campus's Center for Teaching Excellence printed its List Of Teachers Ranked As Excellent By Their Students for Spring 09. This list, compiled every semester, is based on student evaluation data. If you have been a regular reader of this blog (or if you happen to scroll back through the last year of posts) you will remember that this list is colloquially called the 'Incomplete List' because the CTE used to call it the Incomplete List Of Teachers Ranked As Excellent By Their Students until summer of 2007. It is incomplete because not all classes on campus are evaluated by students, and also because student evaluation is only one way of measuring a given class' success. Still, faculty here work hard on their teaching and like to be appreciated for their efforts, so we all like to show up on the Incomplete List even if we all know that it is not the last word on evaluating our teaching.

I know, from a department Head's perspective, that we have a lot of dedicated teachers doing great work in the classroom every semester. I enjoy compiling these lists of the faculty and graduate student instructors in English whose names have appeared on the Incomplete List for their BTW, CW, ENGL, and Rhet classes in part because I like being able to recognize the good work individuals are doing but also because I like calling attention to the length of the list. I'm delighted, above all, that so many students in English Department classes choose to give their teachers highly positive scores on evaluations: that tells me that lots and lots of students have really appreciated the work their teachers have been doing.

So, without further ado, here's the English Department cohort from the most recent Incomplete List (based on Spring 09 evaluation data):

Sarah Alexander, Claire Barber, Iryce Baron, Anustup Basu, Manisha Basu, Rebeccah Bechtold, Michael Behrens, Patrick Berry, Michael Black, Allan Borst, T.J. Boynton, Stephanie Brabant, Jamie Brunton, Dana Burchfield, Sandy Camargo, Stephanie Cherolis, John Claborn, Howard Cole, Daniel Colson, Bethany Cooper, Eleanor Courtemanche, Leslie Crowell, Lindsey Drager, Caroline Duda, Dennis Dullea, Lisa Dunick, Russell Evatt, Shawn Gilmore, Melissa Girard, Catharine Gray, Jim Hansen, Gail Hapke, Mary Hays, Ashley Hetrick, Ann Hubert, Kelly Innes, Anna Ivy, Rowan Kaplan, David Kay, Brigit Kelly, Kimberly Koch, Susan Koshy, Eileen Lagman, Jennifer Lieberman, Mary Lindsey, Melissa Littlefield, Tania Lown-Hecht, Vicki Mahaffey, Robert Markley, Kristin McCann, Arley McNeney, Ellen McWhorter, Bruce Michelson, Ligia Mihut, Zia Miric, Feisal Mohamed, Amy Mohr, David Morris, Justine Murison, Lori Newcomb, Lisa Oliverio, Robert Dale Parker, Audrey Petty, Tony Pollock, Catherine Prendergast, Amity Reading, Franklin Ridgway, Micah Riecker, David Roark, Ricky Rodriguez, John Rubins, Kerstin Rudolph, Stephen Runkle, Julia Saville, Spencer Schaffner, Christina Scheuer, E. Jordan Sellers, Christopher Simeone, Katherine Skwarczek, Spencer Snow, Siobhan Somerville, Andrea Stevens, Clint Stevens, Bradley Stiles, Jonathan Stone, Crystal Thomas, Mary Unger, Michael Verderame, Jason Vredenburg, Jonathan Vincent, Kathryn Walkiewicz, Terra Walston, Rebecca Weber, Kyle Williams, Gregory Wilson, Elaine Wood, Charlie Wright.

Congratulations to one and all, and thanks--on behalf of our students--for all your efforts in the classroom.

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