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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some early Spring news updates (because we're all ready for it to feel like Spring)

Our Creative Writing program is gearing up to host, on March 15-17, an Early Spring Literary Festival, three glorious days of readings and panels (all held at the Author's Corner, on the second floor of the Illini Bookstore) featuring several members of our faculty and some distinguished guests. Please click through the link above for a complete schedule. I hope to see you there.


Robert Warrior, Professor of English and also Director of UIUC's outstanding American Indian Studies Program, has been elected by the Osage Nation Congress to serve on the Editorial Board of the Osage News. One of the many things I admire about Warrior is his distinguished record as a public intellectual, and his tireless dedication to the combination of scholarly excellence and public education/outreach that this role entails. This new appointment is very much in keeping with his record of past commitments in this regard.


LeAnne Howe's novel Miko King: An Indian Baseball Story has been selected by Hampton University as the text for a campus-wide Read-In in late March. This is quite an honor, and it means that the English Department at Hampton will make Miko Kings the center of a series of activities intended to foster discussion and community throughout their entire campus. For perspective, last year's Read-In novel was Toni Morrison's A Mercy. If you're a writer, and you're keeping company with Toni Morrison, you're obviously doing something right! Howe will travel to Hampton in late March to participate in readings and a master lecture.

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