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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fall 2011 Incomplete List

The good people over at our campus's Center for Teaching Excellence have just released a draft version of their List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students based on Fall 2011 data. This has not officially been called "the incomplete list" since the 2006-07 academic year, but it is still called that conversationally because the alternative is just too much of a mouthful.

Whatever you call it, the list is based on student evaluation data, and so provides, on a semester by semester basis, information about which teachers and classes have won the appreciation of their students. There is more to the evaluation of teaching than student forms, of course, but I am always happy to see English well represented. The following list has been compiled by putting together CTE's lists for all the rubric areas in which our classes are grouped: Business and Technical Writing, Creative Writing, English and American Literature, and Rhetoric and Composition. I should note too that couple of English department folks are included on the list for teaching done in other units. Skimming through, I notice Karoliina Englstrom, LeAnne Howe, and Melissa Littlefield honored for their teaching in, respectively, LAS, American Indian Studies, and Kinesiology.

Without further ado, here are the instructors listed on the incomplete list for Fall 2011 in English Department classes:

Laura Adamczyk, Iryce Baron, Jensen Beach, Michael Behrens, Michael Burns, Jodi Byrd, Sandy Camargo, Cody Caudill, Alexandra Cavallaro, Debojoy Chanda, Erin Chandler, Kendra Chapman, Ezra Claverie, Jill Clements Hamilton, Megan Condis, Steve Davenport, Dennis Dullea, Patrick Fadely, Katherine Flowers, Stephanie Foote, Andrew Gaedtke, Sara Gelston, Philip Graham, John Griswold, Baron Haber, Andrew Hall, Gail Hapke, Janice Harrington, Ashley Hetrick, Marilyn Holguin, Anna Ivy, Brigit Kelly, Susan Koshy, Mary Lindsey, Julia Livingston, Trish Loughran, Michael Madonick, Vicki Mahaffey, Julie McCormick, Lee McGuire, Heather McLeer, Thomas McNamara, Erin McQuiston, John Moore, Libby Morley, David Morris, Esther Nadolski, Hina Nazar, Matthew O'Brien, Benjamin O'Dell, Andrea Olinger, Robert Dale Parker, Julie Price, Thierry Ramais, Scott Ricketts, Carla Rosell, John Rubins, Julia Saville, Spencer Schaffner, E. Jordan Sellers, Michael Shetina, Kaia Simon Power, Katherine Skwarczek, Spencer Snow, Zohreh Sullivan, Elizabeth Tavares, Jessica Thom, Crystal Thomas, Xiao Di Tong, Ted Underwood, Michael Verderame, Elyse Vigiletti, Jeremy Wear, Rebecca Weber, Kirstin Wilcox, Daniel Wong, Elaine Wood, Charlie Wright, David Wright, David C. Wright, Amanda Zink

On behalf of all of our students, thank you for your excellent work in the classroom this past semester!

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