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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ninth Letter, Ninth Letter!

I am always excited to receive a new issue of Ninth Letter, the award-wining literary magazine that our Creative Writing program produces in collaboration with students and faculty in the School of Art & Design.

The latest issue--volume 9, number 1--went out last week, and is full of all the treats and goodies that regular readers have come to expect.  Because of the collaborative nature of production, and maybe also because of the sensibility of the intrepid Jodee Stanley, I always find 9L to be the kind of magazine that rewards return visits.  I read through it, then come back to it and find something interesting that I missed the first time, and then do it again, and again, and so on.

You can find out more about the journal at its own website, here.  And there is more information about the current issue here.  If you'd like to get your own copy (and of course you do!), the link is here.  Finally, if you'd like to be a patron for these visual and literary arts, the link to make a gift is here

I'm pasting in the list of contributors to the current issue from the 9L webpage below, but I really think you need to see the magazine in all of its colorful, imaginatively laid-out glory to get a sense of what we're up to.




Amy Sayre-Roberts "Whatsoever"
Brian Beglin "Little Trenches"
Ling Ma "The Scientist"
William Kelley Woolfitt "Sons with Apples in Their Hands"
Ramon Isao "Tumblarosa"


Brenda Miller "Dark Angel"
Anna Vodicka "As Seen on TV!"
Joseph Gross "Picnic Geese"
Timothy L. Marsh "Something Californian"


Paisley Rekdal seven poems from Go West
Brendan Todt "At the Particle Accelerator at Krasnoyarsk"
Anna Lowe Weber "Pre-natal Musings"
Rupprecht Mayer "Heirs", "An open relationship"
John A. Nieves "Hasp"
Cindy Beebe "Burkha"
Oliver Bendorf "I Promised Her My Hands Wouldn't Get Any Larger"
M. A. Vizsolyi "Temptation"
Brynn Saito "Match"
Gerard Beirne ""Meditation #35 Working the Height", "Meditation #39 The Ambiguous Endings"
Josh Kalscheur "How Will You Believe What I Say?"
Devon Branca "Tape of 'Robert Vu Makes the Weight for the Winds'"
Annie Liontas "Selling Knives to the Arab Revolution"
Marcus Wicker "Call"
Gary Dop "Bill Bitner Daydreams"

Art Feature

Laurie Hogin "Articulated in a Quadrangle"

Where We’re @

Laura Adamczyk, “Of Fossils (Softball) and Catfish”
Angela Hine, “Out There”

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Brian G. said...

Great issue!!!

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