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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Incomplete List, Spring 2012

Every semester, our campus's Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) publishes a list of faculty, graduate students, and other instructional staff members whose student evaluations numbers put them in the top tier of instructors on campus, at least as far as student satisfaction is concerned.  The criteria are described in the CTE document which this post is based on--here.  For some time now the CTE has referred to this list as the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students, but that's cumbersome and so we tend to refer to it by its punchier, old name: the Incomplete List. 

Anyway, as regular readers of this blog will know, I like to post here each semester a list of the teachers in English department classes who have been enshrined in the Incomplete List on the basis of last semester's student evaluation scores.  The point is to honor individuals, of course, but also to highlight in a more general way the depth and breadth of our good teaching.  The people listed below include every single rank and title we have in the department's insrtuctional staff, and they are honored here for their teaching in English, Business and Technical Writing, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric.  And so, without further ado, here is our own version of the Incomplete List based on Spring 2012 data:

Iryce Baron, Manisha Basu, Jensen Beach, Michael Behrens, Amber Buck, Michael Burns, Jodi Byrd, Cody Caudill, Alexandra Cavallaro, John Claborn, Jill Clements, Leslie Crowell, Steve Davenport, Carrie Dickison, Michael Don, Dennis Dullea, Patrick Fadely, Jill Fitzgerald, Andrew Gaedtke, Nadia Garcia-Crespo, Sara Gelston, Shawn Gilmore, Philip Graham, Catharine Gray,  Joe Grohens, Gail Hapke, Aaron Harper, Janice Harrington, Ashley Hetrick, Elizabeth Hoiem,  Amy Huang, Brandon Jones, David Kay, Melissa Larabee, Mary Lindsay, Melissa Littlefield, Mike Madonick, Bob Markley, Julie McCormick, Heather McLeer, Thomas McNamera, Erica Melko, Jessica Mercado, John Moore, Justine Murison, John Musser, Hina Nazar, Lori Newcomb, Katherine Norcross, John O'Connor, Michael Odom, Andrea Olinger, Alaina Pincus, Catherine Prendergast, Julie Price, Thierry Ramais, Scott Ricketts, Ricky Rodriguez, Carla Rosell, John Rubins, Stephen Runkle, Ted Sanders, Julia Saville, Spencer Schaffner, E. Jordan Sellers, Frank Sheets, Kaia Simon Power, Siobhan Somerville, Andrea Stevens, Elizabeth Tavares, Jessica Thom, Debora Tienou, Wendy Truran, Ted Underwood, Denys Van Renan, Michael Verderame, Elyse Vigiletti, Martha Webber, Rebecca Weber, Dan Wong, Charlie Wright, David C. Wright.

Congratulations, one and all, and (on behalf of all of our students) thanks.

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