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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Incomplete list for Fall 2012

Each semester, our Center for Teaching Excellence publishes what they call a List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.  These lists are based directly on student evaluation data from the semester mentioned.  Prior to summer of 2007, this was called the Incomplete List, in acknowledgement of the fact that not every class does student evaluations or reports their results. 

The old name has stuck--people all over campus still call it the incomplete list--and I like that name too.  Not because I'm worried about the omission of those faculty who may not have done course evaluations, but because student evaluation data is itself an incomplete way to assess quality teaching.

Still, every year I am pleased to see that our department is well-represented, because even if we don't think student evaluations are the only way to judge quality of instruction, we still want our students to be well served and happy with the courses they have taken!  I like to be able to kvell a bit about the many TAs, Instructors, Lectures, Professors, and (in a few cases) Academic Professionals who make the list each semester: both to thank everyone for doing well by our students and to trumpet the fact that we are a very strong teaching department indeed.  

Without further ado, then, here is the list of instructors in our many BTW, RHET, ENGL, and CW classes who made the Incomplete list for Fall 2012:

Laura Adamczyk, Iryce Baron, Manisha Basu, Jensen Beach, Michael Behrens, Michael Burns, Martin Camargo, Sandy Camargo, Debojoy Chanda, Jill Clements, Megan Condis, Mary Rose Cottingham, Eleanor Courtemanche, Steve Davenport, Esteher Dettmar, Dennis Dullea, Patrick Fadely, Kimberly Fonzo, Stephanie Foote, Andy Gaedtke, Shawn Gilmore, Philip Graham, Joe Grohens, Jim Hansen, Gail Hapke, Janice Harrington, William Hechler, Elizabeth Hoiem, Marilyn Holguin, Ann Hubert, DeAvery Irons, Maggie Kainulainen, Brigit Kelly, Annie Kelvie, Eileen Lagman, Jean Lee, Mary Lindsey, Melissa Littlefield, Trish Loughran, Jennifer Lozano, Sean Macintyre, Michael Madonick, Kaitlin Marks-Dubbs, Patrick McGrath, Heather McLeer, Erin McQuiston, Erica Melko, Jessica Mercado, Natalie Mesnard, Bruce Michelson, John Moore, Elizabeth Morely, Dave Morris, Justine Murison, Katherine Norcross, Valerie O’Brien, Michael Odom, Andrea Olinger, Robert Dale Parker, Julie Price, Thierry Ramais, Scott Ricketts, Michael Rothberg, John Rubins, Lindsay Rose Russell, Ted Sanders, Julia Saville, Spencer Schaffner, Frank Sheets, Derrick Spires, Jodee Stanley, Andrea Stevens, Eric Thomas, Debora Tienou, Wendy Truran, Jason Vredenburg, Gregory Webb, Zack Williams, Daniel Wong, Elaine Wood, David Wright.

Nicely done, one and all!  And, on behalf of our students, thank you!

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