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Friday, April 26, 2013

IPRH humanities awards etc.

IPRH, the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, has announced the winners of its 2012-13 prizes for Research in the Humanities.  These prizes, awarded annually, honor excellence in humanities research by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students at UIUC.  And since we have a deep pool of talent across the humanities here, winning one (or even receiving an honorable mention) is a nice feather in one's cap.  

As you can see, if you click though the link above, two of the three prizes awarded to faculty and grad students  have been awarded to member of our department, and two of the three recipients of honorable mentions are also from our department.  

Andrew Gaedtke is our faculty honoree, for the essay "Cognitive Investigations: The Problems of Qualia and Style in the Contemporary Neuronovel,” which was published in NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction, 45.2 (Duke University Press, 2012).

Michael Rothberg (who some of you will remember from this blog post), received and honorable mention for his essay "Progress, Progression, Procession: William Kentridge and the Narratology of Transitional Justice,” which was published in Narrative 20.1 (January 2012): 1-24.

Our graduate student honoree is Kathryn Walkiewicz, and Ben Bascom received an honorable mention. These awards are about Walkiewicz and Bascom, both of whom I know personally to be exceptionally talented scholars, but it may also be worth mentioning here that both wrote their prize-winning essays in the context of dissertation research supervised by Trish Loughran, to whom the campus just awarded recognition for graduate teaching earlier this week.

The journal Narrative, in which Rothberg's aforementioned essay was printed, is published by the International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN).  I mention this because Rothberg has also just received an award from the ISSN honoring the essay for being the best of the year's publications in Narrative.  This award will be conferred in June at the ISSN conference in Manchester, and announced in the ISSN newsletter as well as in Narrative itself. 

The IPRH awards, meanwhile, will be conferred and recognized at an award ceremony held next Wednesday, which I hope to be able to attend!

Congrats to all, and thanks as always to the IPRH for all it does to recognize and foster humanities scholarship on our campus.

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